Frequently Asked Questions
Do you ship internationally?
Currently, we ship within the USA and to Canada at flat rate on orders $120 or more.
Do you offer free shipping?
Of course! All US orders over $50 qualify for free shipping.
How do I know if I qualify for a refund?
We want to make sure you’re fully in love with our products, which is why we offer a 14-day refund for our customers.
For more on our refund policy, click here.
I’m new to gel nails- Is this product right for me?
Absolutely! Weekly Gel products are great for beginners and professional nail techs alike.
Our Weekly Gel Starter Kit comes with everything you need- Even as a total gel nail newbie!
What is the difference between gel polish and regular nail polish?
While regular nail polish dries slowly, gel polish is “cured” using LED light.
The best part?
Our HOMEI Compact Gel LED Lamp cures your nails in just 30 seconds.
No more waiting 10+ minutes for your manicure to dry!
Do I need a base coat and top coat like other gel polishes?
Nope! Our patented all-in-one formula gives you salon-quality gel nails in just one step.
But if you want to mix up your manicure, check out our Weekly Gel Plus+ line,
which includes fun textures like matte top coats & magnet top gels!
I’ve heard gel polish can cause harm to your natural nails- Is that true?
Not with Weekly Gel! Our formula is not only easy to peel, but also no harm to your nails.
You can change up your gel polish as often as you like and never have to worry about damaging your natural nails.
Why do I need an LED lamp?
In order for the curing reaction (otherwise known as the “photopolymerization” reaction) to occur,
the gel needs to be activated by LED light.
As the LED light hits the gel, it will begin to harden and in just 30 seconds your nails will be completely dry.
How many colors does Weekly Gel offer?
We are proud to offer more than 120 gel colors! Browse our colors to find your next manicure!
Is there anyone who shouldn’t use gel on their nails?
If you have a gel allergy, damaged nails, or if your nails are in poor condition,
we do not recommend gel nail products.
How should I store my Weekly Gel products?
To keep your gel fresh and always ready to use, we recommend storing gel polishes in a dark place,
keeping away from any sources of light or heat.
How long does gel polish last?
Our formula lasts up to 5-10 days on nails*, and we recommend using the gel bottles within six months of opening.
Where else can I follow you?
Come hang out with us over on our Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook!
*Based on company analysis. Results may vary.