Matte texture gel nails with Weekly Gel Tender Rain NE-51 and Pure Memory NE-77

Testimonials by @neonirisnails

Weekly Gel is one of the coolest gel brands I have ever used ! The packaging and branding is also very cute and stylish. As a nail tech I personally love using weekly gel on my own nails because of their wide variety of gel colors and the fact that the removal process is so easy! You can just peel off the gel and have zero damage to the nail. It saves me a lot of time on removal and the application is so easy that anyone can do this at home. I recommend weekly gel to even my clients who want a quick manicure and don’t want to hassle of removal. I also tell them they can travel very easily with these gels because of the size and the compact gel curing lamp.
The consistency of the product is also very nice and you can create very cool nail art designs. The new magnetic gel that came out is really beautiful and can be used on top of any color to create multiple effects with one polish and a magnet. The possibilities are truly endless! Compared to other gels I have tried on the market for friendly at home use, weekly gel is number one! So don’t think twice about buying! Go and give weekly gel a try, you will seriously love this brand !

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