Applying bright red gel nail on finger nails. Using HOMEI Weekly gel.

Want to keep your gel nails last longer?

Today, we are answering one of the most frequently asked questions from those who think your WEEKLY GEL is too easy to peel off.

We know the feelings! You may sometimes see your nicely-done gel nails are no longer on your fingernails and you don't even know when they are gone!

So here are the "must-do" checklists:
  • Wash your hands with soap before applying
  • Shape your nails with a nail file
  • Apply an appropriate amount of gel especially at the first curing
  • Avoid cuticles and skin when applying WEEKLY GEL

Well, maybe some of you may say "I do everything you tell me, but it still doesn't last 7days!"

We are sorry if this happens to you! But we got your back! here are your lifesaver items:

HOMEI Nail Cleanser ($12)
HOMEI WEEKLY GEL PLUS+ Long Keep Base Gel ($13)

Watch this video also and get to know the most effective way to keep your gel nails longer!

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