The way you peel off and remove WEEKLY GEL safely. The used color in this picture is Weekly Gel WG-21

Not Peel-able Enough??

We are here to help you!

Each one of us has different fingernail types. Maybe your nails are drier than hers and her nails are thinner than his, etc,. Nail care concerns can count as many as nail types!
So we start answering the most frequently asked questions from this week!

Yes, WEEKLY GEL is peel-able, and this is what we always tell people and we are proud of this patented all-in-one formula.
But for some nail types, WEEKLY GEL is not as peel-able as we describe. Or maybe you may be worried about nail damage when you peel off WEEKLY GEL.

Here are some tips!

1. We recommend applying 2 or 3 layers and curing each time. If the WEEKLY GEL on your nails is thick enough, it will be much easier to peel off safely.

2. Use cuticle oil! When peeling off WEEKLY GEL, apply some cuticle oil. Even vaseline or massage oil works too so why not give it a try!

3. If none of the above doesn't work for you, then try our PEEL OFF SERUM BASE.

Hope this 101 helps all self gel nail lovers! Please share your thoughts or feedback here.

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