“Cutest nails made so easy” by Neikko Burrell

"I have always admired individuals that do their own nails at home as I am normally not talented enough to do so, until I started using the HOMEI WeeklyGel kit. This nail kit makes doing your own nails so easy and the quality of the product is fantastic. The kit comes with a nail cleanser to ensure your nails are clean before applying the polish, the weekly gel polish, and a compact gel light that uses a USB to power.

The first step is to use a cotton pad to apply the nail cleanser to clean your nails. You can then choose your desired nail color and start painting. Once the first coat is complete place your hand under the Compact Gel Light for 30 seconds, then repeat this process 2-3 times. This will ensure the durability and color of your nails will be perfect. To remove the gel is easy. You simply gently peel off from the base of your nail towards the tip.

The process of the WeeklyGel Compact Gel Light kit has made my experience in doing my own nails so simple and I love being able to take the gel off, and choose a new color at any time. Because I am a boy, painting my nails has always been a taboo act, but I am so thankful for the inclusivity and how welcomed the HOMEI brand makes everyone feel no matter of their race, gender, or how they identify. The world of Japanese beauty being introduced to North America has been such a blessing due to how; high quality, innovative, and unique so many of the products are. I cannot wait to continue using this WeeklyGel Compact Gel Light and the several different colors to keep my nails looking cute and fresh."

-Neikko Burrell

Weekly Gel on Neikko's fingernailsNeikko with Weekly Gel nails first time

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