Do you cut your nails or file them?

Do you cut your nails or file them?

Hello all DIY nail lovers! Did you know that it is much better for your nails to file them instead of cutting them with nail clippers?

Not only does filing the nails give them a customized, desirable shape, but experts say filing makes your nails stronger and healthier by preventing chipping. If your nails are too long, you can clip them first, but finishing with a file helps keep your nails in the best shape possible.  For optimal results, file your nails at least once a week. 

As most professional manicurists know, filing is important for nail polish preparation because preventing chips means your polish or gel nails will last much longer. If you're experiencing quick chipping, try to file your nails properly before applying Weekly Gel Polish.

Here is a simple way to file your nails for best results:
  1. Trim the tip of the nail and adjust the length.
  2. Move the nail file in one direction. Do not move the file back and forth, as that can cause splitting and weaken your nails.
  3. File the sides straight toward the tip of the nail.
  4. Move the file around the side to the tip of the nail to create a curve.
  5. Finally, cleanse your nails with Weekly Gel Nail Cleanser if you plan on using Weekly Gel Polish, or apply cuticle oil and massage into your nails and fingers if not applying gel.

Another interesting fact is that nails grow faster in summer than in winter.  Summer is just about here. Treat your nails (and toenails) well by filing regularly and enjoying your long-lasting gel nails!

Our Weekly Gel Starter Kit occasionally includes a nail file as a free gift (as supplies allow)! Interested in getting started doing DIY gel nails? Take this opportunity to get everything you need to start having fun and creating gel nail looks yourself.


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