Our Journey - Part Two

Our Journey - Part Two

Did you know our company has an over 100 year history? Part 2

We shared the story how our company was established over 100 years ago and survived during the war eras last week. Today we will share the second half of our whole story!

We pioneered multiple supermarket and beauty salon offerings, including the high end Saint Laurent brand, and our another flagship brand, “Swan Skincare”. Our success continued, and in 1988 our CEO received an award from the Osaka Governor Sakae Kishi for his efforts in pharmaceutical health and hygiene.

Kitao cosmetics historical brand Swan

KITAO has always been focused on products that help make people’s mind and body better.

With this mission in mind, about 20 years ago, KITAO started developing nail polish and nail care products for both professionals and the retail market. KITAO had a development goal of not only giving our customers the opportunity to enjoy beautiful nail colors, but also to create nail looks in a safe and healthy way. In 2016, we finally launched a "peel-able" and  "all-in-one" gel polish as an alternative to traditional gel nail polishes after many rounds of "trial and error"!

HOMEI Weekly Gel manufacture in Osaka, Japan

Weekly Gel is consistently the number one nail brand in the DIY nail category in Japan, and has been loved in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Korea, Canada and here in the USA.

Weekly Gel officially launched in the US in 2020, during Kitao’s 101st anniversary (By the way, to celebrate our 100th anniversary, we launched a new skincare line, KITAO MATCHA, exclusively for the US market. For more information, go to kitaomatcha.com.).

We look forward to wonderful things to come over the next 100 years!

HOMEI Weekly Gel store display backend in Hongkong
HOMEI Weekly Gel store shelf in hongkong
HOMEI Weekly Gel store display at Loft in Oaska, Japan
HOMEI Weekly Gel store display at Plaza in Osaka, Japan
HOMEI Weekly Gel store display at Plaza in Osaka, Japan
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