Sister Brand, KITAO MATCHA skincare 🌱

KITAO MATCHA Skincare has launched in US!!


Our sister brand, KITAO Matcha-infused skincare is a simple solution for everyone, no matter what type of skin you have. Our mission is to deliver the healthy, radiant, and smooth skin for all who seeks benefits from mother nature. 

All KITAO MATCHA skincare line contains Matcha and three other superfoods, best for mature, oily, dry, or even sensitive skin. 

Now available at ULTA beauty shops.

Matcha contains various active ingredients such as Polyphenol and Vitamin C, which is known to provide anti-oxidative effect. Matcha also has anti-bacterial and deodorant agent that encourages anti-aging and helps tighten pores.

Using only ECOCERT certified organic matcha grown in Kyoko Japan, the aliened harvest makes every effort on organic, pesticide-free cultivation over 350 years.

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